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Orthokine®vet irap-therapy for equine joints

These recommendations are based on the experience of Dr. Thomas Weinberger, Equine Clinic Burg Müggenhausen, Germany, who uses the Orthokine®vet irap-therapy since many years.

Chronic arthritis

3-4 injections

8-14 days apart
(hip joint 12-21 days)

Acute inflammation

1-3 injections

7-10 days apart

Post operative

(e.g. ACD lesions)

3-4 injections

1st 4-8 days post op
8-14 days apart
Injection site ACS per injection
coffin joint 2-6 ml
pastern joint 2-4 ml
fetlock joint 4-6 ml
carpal joint – one section 2-4 ml
ellbow joint 4-6 ml
Injection site ACS per injection
shoulder joint 4-8 ml
TMT-joint – spavin bone 1-2 ml
hock joint 4-8 ml
stifle joint – three sections 4-8 ml
hip joint 4-8 ml

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